How to Approve a Post on Facebook

Instagram is a great platform for sharing content and growing your audience, but it can also be plagued by spam comments from bot accounts. Thankfully, there are ways to deal with these annoying and potentially harmful comments. This article will explain how to hide instagram spam comments and how to prevent them from showing up on your posts in the future.

Why do I get instagram spam comments?

Spam on Instagram can come in the form of racy images, fake messages, and harassing comments. These bots and trolls are trying to draw attention to their own profile and scam others into following them or clicking on their links, which can lead to fraudulent websites that steal personal information or money. Everyone gets Instagram spam, but influencers, celebrities, and small businesses are at higher risk.

The best way to deal with spam on Instagram is to block it. To do this, open the app and go to your settings. Tap “How others can interact with you,” then tap “Hide comments.” You can also set up more advanced comment filtering here, which will hide any comments that contain certain words or phrases.

This feature is incredibly easy to use and works well for most people, but you should always test it out before you put it in place to make sure it’s blocking what you want. It can be difficult to catch every comment, so it’s important to check the list regularly and expand or remove words as needed. If you’re really struggling to manage the amount of Instagram spam, you can also try a software solution like NapoleonCat. This will automatically hide offensive or spammy comments on your Instagram posts and can be set up to do so with just a few clicks.