Boost Customer Satisfaction and Drive Sales With Guest WiFi Solutions

guest wifi solutions

A reliable and secure internet connection is no longer a luxury for guests. Whether in a hotel room, at a restaurant or while shopping at a retail store, guests have come to expect free connectivity. A business that provides a guest WiFi network can boost customer satisfaction and drive sales.

While offering guest wifi solutions free WiFi access is a best practice for all businesses, there are several factors to keep in mind when choosing a guest wifi solution. These considerations include security, scalability and guest experience.

Security is the top priority for most organizations, and it is crucial to make sure your guest WiFi solutions are safe for visitors. This can be done by ensuring that you separate your guest network from your primary one physically or virtualy, which prevents devices on the guest network from being able to interact with devices and information on the primary network.

Guest WiFi Solutions: Enhancing Customer Experience and Data Security

This can be accomplished through a virtual local area network (VLAN) that segregates guest traffic from the main business network, or by setting up network access rules that separate the guest network from the primary wireless network. Some routers also offer advanced configuration options, such as disabling the guest network broadcast or requiring a password before connecting, to ensure that only authenticated guests are connected to your business’s guest WiFi.

Additionally, many guest WiFi solutions will allow you to collect visitor credentials through a custom captive portal and leverage that data for marketing automation and reputation management. These tools provide valuable insight into your customers and help you increase revenue by sending relevant content and special offers.