Memorial T tombstones – A Beautiful Way to Honor Your Loved Ones

charleston sc tombstones is home to many beautiful and unique tombstones. Since Charleston was established as a settlement, many of the original settlers have left their mark on their markers by engraved names or by etching an image. The South Carolina Parks and Recreation department maintains records of the history of these many names that have been placed on their headstones. The granite stones that are laid on top of these burial plots are a beautiful reminder of times gone by. Often these names are written in a highly popular cursive font, such as calligraphy or script.

Charleston Southern Tombstones: A Family Vacation Destination

The stone memorials can be personalized by including the date of birth, the name of the deceased, the cause of death, and a short poem or quote. This information is placed on the stone in raised letters. Some people like to include a photo of the deceased, which can often be enlarged and printed on a laminator, protecting it from damage. Since the stones are so beautiful and stand out in a crowd, they can be used as markers at local events or at the funeral service. Sometimes the stone will be rented from a funeral home prior to the actual service to make it easier on the family and provide them with the peace of mind that they need to know that all of their loved ones are being represented at their funeral.

Many people also opt to use the stones as stepping stones to remember their ancestors or other important events in their life. Many of these markers are laid on the ground, but some can be placed on a bench or plaque. Since they are so beautiful and provide a great look at the gravesite, it is not difficult to see why people choose to display these memorial statues. It is comforting to know that they are a permanent reminder of a beloved family member or event.