Real estate agents Beerwah“The Beerwah” is a short story written by David Goodrich and illustrated byiffe Beyer with a cover illustration by Philip Griebel. It was originally published in the quarterly Journal of Real Estate and Investment in October, 2005. The story was later published in the book Real Estate Agents and Their Secrets: Making the Right Choice in Real Estate, a comprehensive collection of real estate investing and real estate marketing strategies. In Real Estate Agents and Their Secrets, Goodrich and Griebel provide a checklist of criteria to use in evaluating real estate opportunities, both in person and online. They also explain the difference between buying and selling, and how the terms are used in contracts. It’s a good read for any real estate investor.

real estate agents beerwah

A Review of Beerwah

David Goodrich is a real estate agent, who started his career as an intern in the New York office of the Mortgage Bank of New York in 1969. He has been active in real estate investment, brokerages, and the brokerage industry for more than 30 years. Philip Griebel is a cartoonist who has created many covers for architects, advertising agencies, and publishers. He is best known for creating the humorous advertising campaign for the San Francisco Giants’ baseball team. He has also created the cover art for several musicians.

Beerwah by David Goodrich and Philip Griebel is an excellent text for investors, brokers, and attorneys to study. While it does touch on real estate law, it does not go into the minutiae of technical regulations or complex accounting. Instead, Goodrich and Griebel provide a clear overview and explanation of the concepts, laws, and regulations that impact real estate. They answer every question that you might have and then explain why. If you want to get ahead in real estate, this book can help. For the novice investor and real estate broker, it provides in depth analysis of the methods, procedures, and strategies that are required to be successful.