Why is CBD Oil Water Soluble?

cbd oil water soluble

If you have been taking CBD products derived from the hemp plant, chances are that the product is in oil form. This type of CBD oil is known as non-water soluble and is typically administered by placing it underneath the tongue (sublingual absorption). Unfortunately, this method has a low bioavailability. To overcome this problem, scientists have developed techniques to make oil-based compounds water soluble. Read more https://www.biocbdplus.com/collections/water-soluble-cbd/

This is accomplished through a process called emulsification, which breaks the oil down into smaller particles that are then water-friendly. As a result, the cbd is able to be absorbed much more easily and rapidly. This increases the effectiveness of each dosage. In addition, the fact that it is more readily absorbed means that you need to consume less of the CBD product in order to experience the desired effect.

Why Water-Soluble CBD Oil Reigns Supreme: Exploring the Advantages

Another benefit of water-soluble CBD is that it bypasses the liver. This is important because the body processes a lot of oil-based molecules before they get to the bloodstream. Those molecules get metabolized by the liver and only a small amount of the original substance makes it to general circulation. Water-soluble CBD, on the other hand, avoids this first pass metabolism, resulting in a more rapid onset of effects.

The main reason that researchers have been working on making cbd oil water soluble is to improve its bioavailability. Our bodies are as much as 70 percent water. Oil and water don’t mix, so when we swallow oil-based CBD it only has a bioavailability of 10-20%. Scientists are looking into ways to increase that number so that we can enjoy the full potential of cbd as a therapeutic compound.