Is ChatGPT Cheating?

is chat gpt cheating

Students are using does turnitin have ai detection  intelligence (AI) to cheat on school papers, essays and even cover letters. Some educators are terrified that AI tools like ChatGPT will usher in a cheater’s paradise and stifle critical thinking and innovation. Other experts argue that rather than banning AI tools, schools should educate students on how to use them responsibly and teach them how to recognize the difference between their own writing and that generated by a bot.

ChatGPT, which is owned by multibillion-dollar tech firm OpenAI, is an advanced chatbot that can respond to a written prompt with an essay or letter in the style of a particular writer. It can also rephrase existing text using correlations it has learned from its training set. This is what gives the tool its uncanny ability to write a literary examination of Ulysses in the style of a SpongeBob episode or explain the code for a Python program in the voice of a wiseguy from a 1940s gangster movie.

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Educators have already begun worrying about the impact of ChatGPT on academic integrity, with many schools setting up policies to address how the tool could be used by students. Some schools are requiring students to submit first drafts of their assignments and then explain any changes made in later revisions to ensure that they haven’t been written by the robot. Others have begun imposing a zero-tolerance policy for students caught turning in essays written by ChatGPT.

A number of students have questioned the ethical implications of the tool, with one Curtin University student warning that using it to cheat on essays will undermine tertiary education. But other students argue that while it may be tempting to use the tool for cheating, it’s important for students to learn how to use AI in a responsible way so they can become leaders of the future.