How Early Intervention Services Can Make a Difference in Your Family

Whether you’re a new parent or you already have a child who has special needs, Early Intervention Services can make a difference in your family. Early Intervention Services are provided to children from birth to age three and can be used to assist your child with a wide range of developmental concerns. These services can include family counseling, evaluation services, and therapies.

What are the 5 intervention strategies?

Early Intervention Services are provided at no cost to families and are usually paid through Medicaid. If you would like your child to receive these services, you can call 311 to request an evaluation. The evaluation will be free and will help you determine if your child is eligible for these services.

If your child is eligible, the service coordinator will work with you to develop an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) that will describe the services your child will receive. The plan should include where the services will be provided, when the services will be provided, who will provide the services, and how the services will be delivered.

Once your child is enrolled, your service coordinator will be your primary contact. They will explain the process to you and arrange evaluation appointments. They will also continue to provide support for your child while he or she is in the program.

Children with delays learn at different rates and development happens over time. While some children may need extra help at the beginning, the needs of a child with delays are generally the same as those of other children.

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