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YouTube Growth Lab

YT Channel Enhancements is an exclusive program for leaders of Israel’s most promising B2C/B2SMB startups, providing workshops and practical deep dives with ongoing 1:1 mentoring by Google and industry experts. The program enables the startups to accelerate their business and scale internationally with support on: Brand Communication Strategy, Leadership, Product and UX/UI, Measurement and Google Ads.

AI in Drug Discovery and Development

Video is the most lead generating and customer converting form of content marketing, because it allows your audience to ‘get to know you’. It also enables you to build trust, and people buy from those they know, like and trust. Videos with closed captions attract a wider audience as well, bringing in new audiences who may have hearing impairments. Using software we can even embed a sign-up form directly into your video, making it easier than ever to grow your email list.