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Studio Apartments University City

Apartments university city are a great option for students and professionals looking for a home close to campus but also offers the comfort of a private space. These apartments usually feature one bedroom and a living room that doubles as the kitchen. They may include a private bathroom or share a common bath with another studio apartments university city. Studio apartments tend to have less storage space than larger units, so make sure you plan accordingly. If your apartment doesn’t have enough closet space, add built-in shelving or invest in multipurpose furniture to create more storage.

Is Upenn considered a small school?

Located right on Baltimore Avenue, this community is a short walk to both Drexel and University of Pennsylvania and has excellent public transportation options. The neighborhood is filled with local cafes, restaurants and shops. A few of the many options include Green Line Cafe, Renata’s Kitchen, Allegro Pizza & Grill, Wishbone Chicken and Pho & Cafe.

The area also has several parks and tons of retail. Students and residents alike enjoy walking to the local coffee shop, restaurants, bars and shops.

The neighborhood has a small-town feel and is very family-friendly, which is why it’s a popular choice for families. It’s also a short drive to St. Louis, so residents can enjoy the amenities of a big city without paying for the expensive prices. The neighborhood is a great place to rent an apartment or condo, since it has a variety of affordable homes for rent.