Caulking Melbourne Is More Than a Touch Up

Caulking melbourne

Melbourne Caulking¬† is more than a touch up, it’s vital to the integrity of your home. Whether you are renovating, building, or just moving in, an effective caulking job will keep your walls and floors looking great and prevent the draughts, mildew and mould that can result from gaps. In addition, it can help to preserve indoor temperatures and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Caulk is a flexible sealant that’s applied where two surfaces meet, such as the gap between a window and house siding, or the space between a bathtub and wall. It can also be used to seal air leaks in walls and ceilings, preventing mold and mildew, and improving energy efficiency. In fact, about 25%-30% of a home’s energy is lost through uninsulated gaps and cracks.

Top 10 Caulking Mistakes to Avoid in Melbourne

Although caulking materials are readily available at home-improvement centers, applying them effectively and neatly requires skill. A poor application will leave blobs of caulk, and may not stick properly. A professional caulking expert can provide a crisp, even line and a smooth, finished appearance.

United Caulking Melbourne has been working as a professional caulking, waterproofing specialists in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs since 2008. We can recaulk your bathroom showers, baths, sinks, and vanities, ensuring that the joints are sealed to avoid the potential of water damage, mould, mildew and other infestation problems.