What Are Castor Wheels?

A caster is a wheel-shaped device used to support or propel heavy loads. Casters can be fixed to roll along a straight line or mounted on a pivot or pintle that automatically aligns the wheel to the direction of travel.

Swivel Casters

A swivel castor wheels is a type of caster that allows the wheels to swivel 360 degrees while under load. This is an important feature, as it makes it easier to turn tight corners or move heavy items in a warehouse.

Swivel casters may have a single wheel or be equipped with two wheels, known as tandem casters. In addition to swiveling, they can be locked in one position so that they can roll only in a single direction along any horizontal axis.

Some casters are also fitted with a brake to prevent the caster wheel from turning, which can help immobilize equipment. These casters usually have a central lock mechanism that lowers and presses down on the wheel, preventing the caster wheel from turning.

The Benefits of Swivel Castor Wheels for Easy Maneuverability

Typical casters have a tendency to flutter, or oscillate, at certain speeds. This oscillation, or shimmy, can be dangerous because it can cause the caster to suddenly swing in an unwanted direction, which could result in a vehicle lurching or hitting other objects.

The most common form of caster flutter occurs when the wheel is not fully in contact with the ground. This can happen when the caster is moving too quickly or when the caster loses contact with the ground.